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Lawn Automation Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to automating our client's most complicated properties.

We have a step-by-step process to make your transition to autonomous mowing seamless and smooth as possible. Our mowers can mow big or small properties of virtually any size and shape. Our mowers boast a net zero emissions in a market that traditionally leads to 5% of US air pollution. Our virtually silent mowers are ready to assist in any way that fits your needs.

What We Do


Free demo

Get the chance to see our mowers in person no matter what the size of your property. You will have the chance to ask any questions you might have. You also will get to see the mowers features and functionality before making the decision to purchase the mower. 

Residential and Commercial


Property evaluation

Before any commercial installation takes place, we analyze the viability and feasibility of the project. By the end of the evaluation, the decision-makers will have a clear and comprehensive assessment of the projected outcomes of the project.



pilot Program

Do you think autonomous mowing would be suitable for your business or commercial property? Let's explore the possibility. You have the option for us to install a demo unit on your property. You can then evaluate and see first hand how the product could meet the needs of your property and business.



Free quote

Ready to switch over to automated mowing? We will send you a free estimate of the service and product provided with different financing options. This lets you know the cost of the of our service before committing to purchase it.

Residential and Commercial


Planning and install

After obtaining your consent on our solution, we will collaborate with you or your ground personnel to devise, carry out, and install our automated mowing system on your property. This will help to ensure a seamless installation process.

Residential and commercial


Post install support

Once we finish the install, we stick around to observe and make any necessary adjustments. We also use Husqvarna's Fleet Services app to track the status of all units, set schedules and view reports. We provide training to your on-site staff on mower settings, troubleshooting and any issues to keep an eye on. If problems arise we are there to solve them. 

Residential and Commercial


Get Started Today!

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